Tiefling Warlord
43 HP
19 STR
11 CON
10 DEX
12 INT
17 CHA
19 AC
14 REF

1 Acrobatics
3 Arcana
10 Athletics
7 Bluff
10 Diplomacy
1 Dungeoneering
6 Endurance
1 Heal
3 History
1 Insight
10 Intimidate
1 Nature
1 Perception
3 Religion
3 Stealth
5 Streetwise
1 Thievey


My name is Leucis. I am named after my great great grandfather who was one of the original nobles of Bael Turath that made a pact with demons to keep his power. The pact changed our people’s life forever, for now we are the Tieflings. My father was a general in the great war against the Dragonborn empire Arkhosia which brought both of our empires to ruins. My father taught me the ways to lead people into battle without fear and soon I became a respected warlord for what was left of our army. I grew up learning nothing but to hate all Dragonborns so when the opportunity came to raid one of their villages I quickly accepted the task. We quickly defeated their troops and began slaughtering the villagers, women and children alike. There were no survivors. The task earned me great recognition and soon I was selected by the remaining leaders for a quest that could change our people’s lives forever. They told me to search the lands to find a great power to help restore our empire back to it’s former glory. I was sent alone on this quest, for if our people travel in numbers we are seen as heretics and devil worshipers. Along my travels I grew to worship the god Bane, also known as the Black Hand. His great power inspires me to restore my empire’s power. I soon found myself in Waterdeep, the City of Splendors. With almost every race there I heard tons of rumors and stories from around the land. I was also taught the Draconic language and hope to use it to help me against the wretched Dragonborn. With my “persuasive ways” I soon found out about a story worth my interest. Word was that there was an evil and powerful lich locked away with great powers. I decided that if I help her then maybe she can help my people. I traveled for days to get to the tomb and when I finally arrived I happened upon a group of adventurers who had taken her prisoner. If these “adventurers” are powerful enough to defeat her then maybe they can help me. I hope to join them to find great powers, whether they be good or evil, to once again bring back the Bael Turath empire into greatness.


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