Day 1 with new group

As I arrived at the lich’s tomb, I ran into a group of adventurers. They thought I was a follower of Vecna and took defensive stances. I tried to explain my story but we were ambushed by the actual Vecna followers. A battle ensued and when we managed to almost kill one of them, he killed himself in the name of Vecna and exploded. The explosion caused temporary blindness and I accidently hit my of my new friends instead of the enemy. The remaining followers tried to steal the lich but we killed them and after a short argument, the adventurers let me join them. The group consists of Dootah, a Deva Cleric, Skyfen, a Drow Sorcerer, Ravanger, a Human Swordmage, Qdubb, a Elf Rouge, and my favorite Soap, a bullywag Monk. We went to see Brother Baylou, the man who gave them the quest. He was very upset that they brought the body back and I guess all of them but Soap began the ritual to bring her back to life. Now her fate is their fate. He told us to leave the area so we began our journey towards the City of Crimmor. We past an animal I’ve never seen before, a Scathe Beast, and spent the night under the stars. p. The next day we came across a road and started following it. We came across strange statues and footprints on the ground. As we began to inspect them a trading caravan came down a road. The Brian Brothers offered goods and after some trading we paid them to take us to Crimmor. When we arrived in town we went to the The Short Stay Inn to try to find some work. Soap and I were talking and he told me about their Winterhaven quest. To think that I have joined to Butchers of Winterhaven! While we were eating the rest of the group found out we needed official papers to carry weapons in Crimmor. The guards told us we could help them in a little matter in exchange for the papers. They told us that recent merchants haven’t been making it to town. They sent a group of guards to investigate but they never returned. We were sent back the way we arrived and after some searching, we snuck upon a Kockatrise and the Posionscale Lizard folk. We quickly killed the Kockatrise but during the battle Ravanger was bitten by the creature and turned to stone! Dootah told us that the creature’s feathers could be used to change him back. As we were doing this I heard the Lizard folk talk in Draconic in their cave. I began to talk to them, telling them why we were there and how the guards wanted them dead. I told them all I wanted was proof that they were dead and there would be no need for bloodshed. They talked for a little bit and suddenly cut off a Lizard’s head and said “There’s your proof.” They wanted something in return so Soap gave him a treasured crown of his. We took the head back to town where the guards thanked us for our troubles. They had our documents and asked what our company name was. With the help of Qdub, we decided on the name The McNeller’s Group. They had another task that they wanted us to, this time for gold, so we agreed. Apparently a new drug, Boilblood, was on the streets and having bad effects on the citizens. They tracked down the source to the Smallteeth Mountains due to their Spy Network. They wanted us to kill the Orc in charge of it and retrieve his axe for proof. p. On our way to the Smallteeth Mountains, we ran into a herd of those Scathe Beasts again. Qdub was complaining about food so we decided to kill one for food. Suddenly the entire herd was upon us and and a tremendous battle ensued. We underestimated the beasts and soon we were on the defensive. Soap was stampeded and knocked unconcious. I feared for my new friend’s life so I ran to him and rescued him. With the battle still going on around us, Dootah performed and amazing healing technique and probably saved his life. We finally managed to slay the last of the beasts and decided to rest for the night and continue our journey the next day. Qdubb made us Scathe Beast burgers that night and even though I never heard of a burger before, I consider them a from the gods.


Awesome job!

Day 1 with new group

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